My Morning Routine

5 years ago, I was suffering from a significant back injury which led me down a path to yoga and Pilates. As a result, I've developed a 10 to 20-minute morning routine which allows me to start my day grounded and centered, and keeps my back healthy. 

Given our current state of quarantine, now seems like the perfect time to share. 



My Morning Routine

Do I wake up each morning and drink a full glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon? Absolutely not.

Let's be real, I'm lucky if I have fresh coffee each morning. Most days I'm heating up a day-old cup of coffee in the microwave and scrambling to get to work on time. 

Coffee cup



Do I have a fancy yoga space?

Nope, you don't need that. I have a yoga mat stored in my kitchen and I place it between the stove and fridge in my old farmhouse kitchen. Some days my legs bump into the kitchen table, but I love the view and light from this space so I make it work. 

If the weather is nice, I'll take my mat outside. 


Am I a trained yoga professional? 

Nope! I read about Yoga by Adriene many years ago and tried her free online practices. For whatever reason, her 5-minute morning video practice works really well for me, and I do it religiously each morning. 

It's important to note, when I first started, I had a hard time finishing this routine without taking a break. And I could barely do some of the poses - like stretching your arms behind your back. But after 2 weeks, I was able to work through the practice with ease. Don't give up! 


Do I do the same routine every morning? 

Almost. I've found over the years; my morning routine does change. About a month ago, I found a little notepad and started writing down a few things I'm grateful for each morning. 

Most recently, I added planks, which are really challenging for me. Each day I try to increase the length of time I hold the plank.


Does it get boring? 

Never!  For me, the immediate benefit of being grounded and centered keeps me coming back to the mat each morning. 


How do I keep it fresh? 

About a year ago I lengthened my practice to include free flow poses and stretches to a random song that came up on my playlist. You'd be surprised which songs work great for this! Here are some of my faves. Have fun with it!

Kacey Musgraves - Slow Burn

Bob Dylan - Tangled up in Blue

Rush - Tom Sawyer

Queen - Radio GAGA 


Would love to hear about your morning routine! Comment or share below.